This Mum Runs is one of Britain’s top Tough Mums

So this week was pretty exciting as I was chosen as one of the finalists in ITVs Tough Mums Challenge on Good Morning Britain. The event was designed to celebrate women who had overcome adversity and are doing amazing things.

The challenge involved taking part in a slightly insane extreme Tough Mudder obstacle course….all on national TV. Eeek!

The reason I entered was a personal one. 5 years ago I badly injured my back and almost 4 years ago exactly I had double surgery on my spine. For 6months I struggled to walk much further than the end of my road and wasn’t able to lift my daughter (she was 18 months old at the time). I had rehab for over a year to get me moving again. During that time I also unfortunately had three miscarriages. I won’t lie, it was bloody tough!


This year has been literally incredible with all the fantastic stuff happening with This Mum Runs. I started the group to get myself moving again never imagining it would be as life changing as this for everyone who is part of it.  And this event feels like the most perfect full stop to some tough stuff and the start to a brilliant new chapter. Even though it means I’ll be covered in stinky mud and submerged in ice cold water. And facing fears I’drather not expose in front of the nation.  Having done it, it was the most incredible, inspiring, amazing day.  And i learnt a few things:

1. Its quite exciting to meet celebrities… but they are just normal people with the same worries and insecurities as us normal folk. And the same pelvic floor challenges as the rest of us mums!

2. They wear a lot of make up though. I mean, a LOT!

3. I really really hate cold water. I mean, really hate it. I’ve been known to take about half an hour to get in a mildly cold pool. And today i had to submerge myself and swim in ice filled pools. Twice. Once by jumping in it from a 20ft platform, and once by sliding into it at speed. I didnt wantto do either. But I did and it was actually ok. I felt great afterwards. So sometimes stepping (way) outside your comfort zone is a very very good thing.

4. Running in water filled squelchy trainers really really makes you need a wee!!!

5. Forgetting to take your marker pen race number off your forehead before you stop at the services makes people look at you like you are just a little bit crazy.

6. I already knew this. But today i saw this times ten million. There are some truly incredible Mums out there. Who have gone through the toughest of times. But are out there raising money or doing challenges or doing stuff day to day that makes your heart ache. I felt privileged to meet them and run alongside them. So much so that I’ve asked some of them to be TMR Ambassadors! Watch this space on that one!

So I dedicate this challenge to Mums everywhere going through tough times. It’s for all of you who think you’re too unfit, or too slow, or too overweight or too busy. And all the 1000s of Mums who just don’t believe they can do it. Because you bloody well can. You’ve given birth FFS! And survived years of sleepless nights which is basically a form of torture.. And frankly that means you can do anything, literally anything.

We’re a tough lot us Mums 🙂

Happy Running all xxx

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