A new year and a big fat hairy new challenge!

Guest Blog by Bristolkin’s Sally Telford

Over the next few weeks, brilliant Bristolkin Blogger Sally Telford will be trepidatiously taking the next steps in her running journey. A recent Couch to 5K graduate her next big fat hairy goal is the Bristol 10k – and we’re totes confident she will do it! The This Mum Runs 5K Plus course is Step 1….follow the highs and lows of her journey with us here. We can’t wait to hear how she gets on!


I completed my first This Mum Runs course in September last year – I really needed to get healthy again, for fitness and for my state of mind too. I saw friends sharing bits on Facebook and decided to get involved.

I definitely had an immediate love for the group. I had run before but was more of a gym bunny. Running outside with a group of people is so much better. There is something about motherhood too – you have this massive life experience in common and possibly nothing else in the rest of your life but it doesn’t matter – it is a great leveller. It is THE BEST idea to get Mums together.*

The something special for me really is running with other Mums, everyone is busy, everyone understands the difficulties we have in getting out – some are breastfeeding, some work full time, some have several kiddos at home, some need to do brownie pick up, some have husbands working late. There is always that one constant; Mums are BUSY. The encouragement I have received from everyone has been incredible, from Mel herself, from the run leaders, from others in the group who I still run with regularly. I hope I have been encouraging to others too.

Next week I am starting the 5k plus which I am hoping will help me to complete a 10k later this year. Right now I am flippin terrified, I just did a quick 4k with some other couch to 5k buddies this week and to be frank it wasn’t easy.  But right now after Christmas and all that entails (eating literally THE WORLD) I am kind of ready for someone to kick my butt in to gear!

I start next Monday (eek!) and will be blogging here each week – an honest account, sweaty tears and all 🙂 I hope you’ll tune in each week to see how we’re getting on!

*There are women in the group who aren’t mums too and apart from being bored silly with baby chat I am sure they love it too

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