What do you Run On? Tell us for a chance to win….

Last week we launched our #ThisMumRunsOn campaign. This week, we’re launching our #ThisMumRunsOn competition. 
Get involved, and win a deliciously nutritious package of organic cold pressed juices from Plenish (Plenish Tasting Flight) plus lots of fab runners up prizes too.

Our campaign is a celebration of those things that motivate us, inspire us and keep us Mamas going.

It’s an invitation to share a little of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of family life with each other. Partly because motherhood (and running) can be a slog sometimes – and it’s flippin helpful to be reminded you’re not the only one at it!

Also because lets face it, there are moments of total hilarity and the laughs are just worth sharing too.

And because what other women do, how they manage it, what they see in it and have to say about it is often (always) the most brilliant / inspiring / motivating stuff of all.

One thing is for sure – #ThisMumRunsOn all you lot and how brave, bold, strong, warm and generally awesome you are. You are literally what keeps us going and gets Team TMR out of bed in the morning. Getting to know so many amazing women, running  with you and getting to work / hang out / chat / laugh with you has already been the most fantastic journey, and we want more!

We’d love you to get involved with the campaign and share what you run on too. It could be a favourite trail run, your best runners’ breakfast, or your kids’ crazy antics that make you simultaneously laugh / want to tear your hair out…..

Or like me, it might be that morning ritual first coffee of the day or a glass of your favourite Hendricks with your feet up in front of the tv at the end of a hectic day.


Whatever it is, we’d love to hear about it.  And we’re launching a competition on our Facebook Page (not the groups, the central page www.facebook.com/ThisMumRunsUK) and on Twitter to say thanks for sharing.

It’s super easy to enter:

To enter on Facebook – all you need to do is comment on the competition post 
To enter on Twitter – tweet using the #ThisMumRunsOn hashtag and @thismumruns 

 Here is a taster of the #thismumrunson posts we’ve had so far:

“I run on stress, guilt, necessity and pride, I RUN on the need for clear headspace, me time and the chance to share a few breathless words with my running sisters #sisterhood #TMRlove #problemshared#megasupport #thismumrunson @thismumruns”

 What do you run on Mamas? We can’t wait to hear from you!
The competition opens on Sunday 15th May 10am


Terms and Conditions apply. Click here for details.

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