This Mum Runs inspires 1000th beginner to get running!

1st ever couch to 5k

So this photo is of the final session of the first ever beginners running group we ever did back in January 2015. They had all just run their first ever 5k. I won’t lie, it was emotional!

The reason we started beginners programmes in the first place was because one of the Mums on the TMR Facebook group posted saying ‘they couldn’t run to the end of the road’ and so couldn’t come to our social runs.

There was talk of going to the park and using a book to work out what to do. I couldn’t stand by and watch that happen and offered to lead a Couch to 5k programme.

So last January this group of intrepid Mums braved the freezing cold winter nights, the dark, the cold, the hail and the snow. One particularly eventful night there was even a huge thunder storm and lots of forked lightening which when you have a metal whistle in your mouth (like I did) is a particularly alarming moment!

But it was a pretty special moment for us too. Because it was the start of one of the things that is most important to me and to This Mum Runs as we continue to grow:

*Helping women who have never run before get started*

*Providing the self belief that many women lack after terrible experiences of PE at school and sport through their lives*

*Offering support, encouragement, advice and motivation by the bucket load to help women get out the door for a run and to keep doing it!*

Couch to 5kers pre Bristol 10k

Here is the same group of women 5 months later about to take part in their first ever 10K. Aside from the weather being infinitely better, what an incredible achievement!

Fast forward a year and it turns out there were lots of women who felt exactly the same.

In the last 12 months, we’ve trained a team of 50 Run Makers who between them have coached over 1000 WOMEN on our Couch to 5k programme.


1000 WOMEN!! How amazing is that?

It is one of the many things that I am most proud of out of everything we have achieved so far.

And it is a big focus for everything we do in the future as we roll out This Mum Runs to new locations.


What better reason to invest in our crowdfunding campaign than this?

Invest and you’ll be helping us to grow the team that will inspire 1000s more women to take the first step and get out the front door. So that we can help them to make running a regular fixture in their lives.

Our campaign is now live on Crowdcube, the worlds leading investment crowdfunding platform. In the first 48 hours we attracted over 130 investors and we’d love you to join them.

To read more about our campaign and to invest today, the link to our campaign is right here:…/this-mum-runs-ltd/pitches/qBwz0l

Join us, and tell your friends too….together we can get the world running one Mum at a time!


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