TMR Yearbook: Class of 2016 – Abi Corboy


My name is Abi, I completed the This Mum Runs C25k in January, have done the Technique Masterclass and also recently the 5k plus course, all in Keynsham.

Abi Corboy, TMR Mum 1

I’m a busy mum of two beautiful kids; Noah who is 4, and Ruby who is now 9 months. I’m currently off on maternity leave but am normally self-employed working in Sales, which involves a lot of driving (ie sitting still)!

In a former life (aka pre kids!) I did a couple of half marathons but never felt like a ‘natural’ runner or thought I was any good at it. I did it because I felt like I should, as opposed to wanting to… Before the C25k I could just about run 2.5k but very slow.

I heard about This Mum Runs through Sam Bell who is a Run Maker and who lives near me. I was motivated to join the courses because I’d just had a baby (my second) and knew I wanted to get out and do something for me, and something to help lose the baby weight. I had post-natal depression with my first child and hoped that exercise would help fend that off this time around – and it did!

I was excited before starting the first session, but also slightly nervous as my baby was only four months and still unsettled in the evenings. However, after the first session I thought it was good! I loved meeting the other Mamas and thought the Run Makers (Sam and Lianne) were lovely and supportive. I found my nerves going and I was actually having fun!

Where do I start with the changes I’ve noticed? I am healthier, happier, less stressed and combined with healthy eating have lost well over a stone in weight. I enjoy running but most of all I LOVE the fact that I have made friends from it and throughout the week have ample opportunities to get out there with other Mamas and have some much needed head space.

-I am healthier, happier, less stressed and I LOVE the fact I have made friends-
I signed up to the Bristol 10k at the same time as I signed up to the C25k as I knew I would need an extra incentive. But what I didn’t realise it’s that through the courses I’ve taken part in and the amazing support of other mums, I completed the race a good 20 minutes quicker than I thought I initially would and bloody loved it!!

I am a member of both the Bristol and Bath Facebook pages and try to be quite active on there. I love how supportive everyone is. Doesn’t matter if your highlight is running for 5 minutes or doing 15 miles – everyone is so nice!
I am motivated to continue running because it keeps me healthy and happy, improving my speed and endurance. I also want to be a good role model for my children. Noah calls my running gear my ‘running suit’ and had a great time cheering me on at the Great Bristol 10k recently…

My advice to anyone who isn’t a member of the TMR community would be, to get involved! It’s a wonderful supportive network of like-minded people. Whether you can’t run at all or can run a half marathon you will find someone who is in a similar position. Everyone is so friendly and supportive!


Our next term of courses begin September the 12th. If you have been inspired by Abi’s story and would like to join our community, all course information and booking can be found on our website at



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