September Mum of the Month – Amy Kate

Ever since she attended TMR’s first ever Social Run in Bath last November, Amy Kate has been a running machine with a near faultless attendance to our Social Runs. Here at TMR HQ we thought it was about time we recognised Amy’s role as a cornerstone of our Bath community, and after speaking on the phone it was clear she totally deserved to fly the TMR flag this month.

image1 (1)

Not only has Amy given back to the TMR community through training as a Run Angel and leading weekly runs, but she’s even inadvertently started an additional weekly run with fellow Mamas on Friday mornings. This all started when Amy was training for the Bath Half Marathon last autumn, and began running 5K before work on Friday mornings. This weekly run grew organically when Janice Tissington decided to join her through winter. By spring more and more TMR Mamas were braving the early starts to run with them too. Now Amy’s Friday 5K’s are a regular feature of TMR Bath, which we at HQ love to see!

On top of all of this, since gaining confidence in her running with TMR, Amy now also manages to squeeze in two or three solo runs a week. When I asked Amy what she has planned in her running diary over the next few months, we could see why these are needed! Between the Royal Half Park in October (which she is running to raise money for The Anna Lewis Brighter Future Fund), the Skyline Winter series of 10k’s (which entails competing in four 10k races over winter), the Bath Half in March and the Bristol to Bath marathon next October, you can safely say that this is one mum that definitely runs.

You may be reading this and feeling a little intimidated by Amy’s running success, but like everyone, Amy has been on a running journey. At many points, she’s felt inadequate and overwhelmed just like many of our Mamas. Amy tells me that before TMR she had run on and off for about 10 years. However, she always stopped when insecurities about her running abilities would resurface. This she largely blamed on trying to run with clubs; often finding herself the slowest in a club whose member’s view each other competitively, she would leave the sessions on a low.

In contrast, the supportive and empowering approach taken on TMR runs finally convinced Amy that she was good enough. She tells us that TMR taught her that everyone has to start somewhere, and that people can only improve.  Through such an encouraging community she is now in a position where running is a constant and integral part of her life.

And as our phone call continues, it’s crystal clear that Amy’s the perfect person to represent TMR this September. In a nutshell, she just gets us. She understands that running with TMR is about so much more than just exercise. She tells us enthusiastically about the supportive social network and strong friendships she has made within TMR, and about the essential perspective and headspace she gets from running.  If ever things start to get on top of her in life or if she’s had a bad day at work, she knows she can always strap on some trainers and run it out.

And whilst we believe running is about doing something just for you, we appreciate that our runners are still first and foremost all Mamas. That’s why when Amy tells us that her favourite thing to do is to run next to her 5 year old son as he cycles, it makes us melt a little.

So thank you Amy, for making sure our TMR torch shines bright in Bath! Each week with your help we’re getting #MoreMumsRunning.

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