TMR Yearbook: Class of 2016: Harriet Hartley

My Name is Harriet and I have just completed the This Mum Runs Couch to 5K course at Clifton Down.

Harriet Hartley, TMR Mum (1)

I have 2 children, 1 2.9 months and 1, 7 month old. I am used to being fit but this has waned and I was struggling to get back to pre-pregnancy size and shape due to a slight like for chocolate. Otherwise my diet is pretty healthy. I’m a Social Worker but currently on maternity leave and dreaming of not having to go back, but sadly think that is not going to become a reality.

I’d always been a gym goer before children but motivation and time more difficult since them. I wanted to prove to myself that I could run 5k and that if I went with a group of other mums it would motivate me not to quit. I also wanted to try and tone up after my second baby 4 months previously.

I first heard about This Mum Runs when I saw it advertised on Facebook. I joined the group, but lurked for a while before I decided to join the C25K course. Before I started the course I was apprehensive but excited and by the end of the session I thought “this is easy”…

Since starting the C25K course my stamina and fitness have quickly improved. I also met a few lovely fellow mummies and we motivated each other to apply for and continue training to complete the 10k, which I am so proud of. I am also motivated to keep running for fitness, ‘me time’ and chocolate.

The advice I would give to anyone who is not a member of the This Mum Runs community is do it, it is such an empowering, supportive and lovely group. With such a range of abilities and experiences, there is something for everybody.


Our next term of courses begin September the 12th. If you have been inspired by Harriet’s story and would like to join our community, all course information and booking can be found on our website at



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