TMR Yearbook: Class of 2016 – Naomi Trentham

My name is Naomi and I have recently started the This Mum Runs Couch to 5K Absolute Beginners course at Royal Victoria Park, Bath.

Naomi, TMR Mum

I am married to James and have three children, Susannah (10), Judah (7) & Lois (4). I am a self-employed business administrator, working mainly for a church in Bath and looking forward to taking on new clients when my youngest starts school this year. My favourite day of the week is Thursday, mainly because I meet with friends for a full English, knowing I can burn it off with TMR in the evening!

Outside of work and parenting, the small amount of time left is spent being part of the church we attend and catching up with friends. I’m finding that running can be quite contagious and a couple of friends have taken it up and we run together.

I was motivated to join the course because I used to run, a long time ago (In 2010 I did the Bristol 10k, but after a very long break I reckon 60 seconds was enough to break me! ) and have wanted to get back to it but needed a push.  At the start of the year I wrote a short list of things I wanted to achieve for myself, including getting back to running, and a few weeks later the TMR page popped up…call it divine intervention or coincidence, it was the push I needed.

My impression after the first run was; I loved it! I felt energised and motivated, which surprised me. This was my first time running in a group (apart from the 10k) it really did make it easier. Having a run maker really helped too.

The main change I have noticed so far is that doing something for me is doing my emotional and mental health the world of good. I’m also loving feeling fitter.

What motivates me to keep running, is knowing there are 13 other people checking up on me! Also the encouragement from My Run Maker, Sarah, really helps. When I was wondering whether to take my running gear on a spa weekend, Sarah encouraged me to take them with me, I’m glad she did as a morning run on Exmoor was exactly what I ended up wanting to do!

I think that the Facebook group is great; I’m the only one in our group who lives in my area so hearing and seeing what others are up to is a good incentive to keep going. I’m really looking forward to being able to join in the social runs too.

My advice to anyone who isn’t a part of the TMR community would be to try it; you’ll love it!


Our new term of courses started last week – we hope all the newbies are settling in to TMR life!

Week 2 of #MoreMumsRunning

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