October Mum of the Month -Karen Davies.


The month of September has always been accompanied by change; in the weather, in the colour of the leaves, in the family routine as the children go back to school. And nowhere has this been more apparent than in TMR, where we saw a whole new brand fly onto the scene, new courses launch and our brand new online shop open for business. But as we enter October and relax into our new autumn routines, it’s a chance to take stock, and consider the changes that have taken place. With this in mind, there was one TMR member that stood out as the obvious choice as Mum of the Month for October, and that woman is Karen Davies.

Speaking on the phone, it’s clear that Karen’s views on attitude towards running complement the ideas behind TMR’s decision to re-brand last month. As a runner, her focus isn’t on putting pressure on herself to hit certain times or distances. She’s just happy to be outside, exploring parts of Bristol she’s never seen before in the 24 years she’s lived here. It’s refreshing to hear her say when asked about running goals that she wants to find new running routes around Bristol; it’s clear that she is running because she genuinely enjoys it. What matters to Karen is the chance to snatch some time for herself in the busy life she leads (and busy it is – it was a small victory to finally tie her down to a phone call!). In the hectic life of juggling motherhood with running Lets Make Art with fellow TMR Mama Alice Hendy, she says it’s nice to be able to “run away for an hour”.

A graduate from our couch to 5K course last spring, Karen admits that before the course she thought that the idea of running for 20 minutes was ridiculous. She reminisces about how she was late to her first homework run, and told the other mums that she would catch them up. Thinking they had done a full lap of Greville Smyth Park she attempted it herself, fighting off the urge to throw up and collapse into a breathless heap by the end. But she comments on how the course was cleverly structured so that it tricked you into being a runner without you even noticing it. She can now easily do several laps of the same park, and runs 5K two or three times a week with fellow couch to 5K graduate and running buddy Miranda Lovelock. She tells me they’re a great match in terms of pace and aren’t afraid to sometimes run side by side plugged in to some motivating (and, she readily admits, sometimes very cheesy) music.

And (you know we here at TMR love this stuff) Karen tells me she’s signed to do the Victoria Park run, intending to run the 2K with her 10 year old daughter. She says it’s great to see her children take an interest in her running, and thinks it will be good for her daughter to experience the sense of achievement that comes with completing your first race.

So, there we have it, our October MOTM. Karen is a perfect example of why TMR was set up, and why we made the decision to re-brand TMR last month; we want to help busy mums get up off the sofa, get active, meet new friends and grab some headspace. From all of us at Team TMR, thanks for keeping our vision alive!


If you want to find out more about what Lets Make Art is all about, why not bring the kids along to their Big Draw Doodle Day this October? More info and tickets can be found here: https://www.picatic.com/doodleday.

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