TMR Yearbook: Class of 2016 – Tina Curtis

My name is Tina and I have just completed the This Mum Runs 5K+ course in Keynsham.

Tina, TMR Mum

I am 55 and trying to lose weight and get fitter. I have 2 grown up children and one who’s 15. I run my own Sign Company in Saltford, making signs, lettering vehicles, printing T shirts and mugs etc.

Until August last year I hadn’t run since I did cross country at school which I would have done anything to get out of.  I also do dragon boat racing which I enjoy and took up running to help improve my stamina.

I heard about TMR through the Facebook group. Before I started the course I was able to run 5K, I was motivated to join the group as I started running last summer, self-motivated and taught, but injured myself in March when I started to up my distance. I decided I needed to learn how to do it properly.

Before starting the first session I was nervous and excited, I was unsure if I would be good enough and that my hip injury would be healed enough.  I was also excited about running with other mamas. When we finished I was knackered! But relieved and looking forward to the next one.  Hannah our Run Maker was very motivating and reassuring.

Since starting the course I feel that I have the confidence and knowledge to keep going and encourage others to do the same.  My PB (personal best) for the parkrun was beaten by 1 minute.  I also ran 5k locally yesterday 2 minutes faster.  I can confidently run up hills and sprint much easier than before.

I get a lot of inspiration from TMR on Facebook and love to read everyone’s success stories.  I struggle to make it to the social runs as I have too many other commitments.

I would like to do the Technique Masterclass in Keynsham next month and possibly even do the 5K+ again, unless I can manage to get to social runs.

I run because it feels good afterwards, I feel much more alive and motivated.  Yesterday I did a 6am run in the sunshine and felt amazing all day.  Seeing others stories on TMR Bath makes me feel guilty if I don’t go!  Even though I’m not really sure I want to do a 10K or half marathon I was in awe of those that did the Bristol 10K last week including one of my fellow 5K+ ladies.

My advice to anyone who is not already a member of the This Mum Runs community is to join up and enjoy the support and motivation you will get from being part of this group, all the mamas are amazing.  Get out there and enjoy the buzz!


Tina’s blog rounds off our TMR Yearbook blog series. We hope the Class of 2016’s words have inspired you to strap on a pair of trainers and get out running.

We also hope it encourages all the Mamas in Week 4 of their TMR courses to keep going. As you’ve heard from our graduates, you won’t regret it!





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