Introducing supermum Nicola Welham and her suprising rise to Team GB

Meet Nicola Welham. She’s a 34-year-old single mum to her three-year- old son,
Edward, and part-time specialist teacher for children with physical or learning difficulties.Bike photoIn October last year, Nicola “spontaneously entered” her first, local duathlon (consisting of a 5K run, followed by a 20K bike ride, followed by a 5K run) after a friend encouraged her to buy a road bike and take up cycling. Soon after, a trainer spotted Nicola’s potential at her local gym, persuaded her to undertake an intense training programme over the winter and Nicola’s sporting career began to snowball.

Just 6 months later, in March this year, she qualified to represent Team GB in her age category in the Duathlon World Championships.

Nicola’s story has inspired us at TMR HQ so much that we’re bursting with pride to be
named as one of her official sponsors for the Championships, which take place this month in Canada. And it’s great to hear that Nicola shares our enthusiasm about working together – there might have been a few tears shed when she told us that she loves having the TMR logo on her competing tri-suit, because it makes her feel like her son will be there in Canada with her.mums bdayFor us, Nicola embodies what TMR is all about: mum’s overcoming personal barriers and
finding the freedom to become their inspiring (and surprising) selves, which is why we
jumped at the chance to sponsor her on her incredible journey.
Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 16.51.32
Having juggled training six times a week, childcare, and a teaching role to qualify for the
Championship, it’s fair to say Nicola has had her share of barriers to overcome. She tells us her biggest battle has been against mums’ age-old enemy, time, and with finding a way to justify focusing on her own goals in the face of nagging “mum guilt”. Despite these challenges, Nicola admits that her competitive nature meant that she couldn’t give up on her aim of qualifying for the Championships, and we’re so glad she didn’t! Her determination and perseverance continues to inspire us.


And the words of wisdom from this now world class athlete to our lovely TMR members?
“Just get out there and start running, you’ve got nothing to lose. Start with small goals; a short family race, or a long walk. Once you’re over that first hurdle it will get so much easier, and you will feel brilliant for it!”


You heard her Mamas, grab those trainers and give it a go!


Nicola competes in the Duathlon World Championships in Canada on the 19th of August.
We will be keeping up to date with her journey on our social media channels throughout the month, so keep an eye out for updates from us and from Nicola as she prepares for the big day!

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