Meet Our Mum Panel

Change is underfoot in TMR’s shop as we prepare for lots of brand-spanking-new products to be added to our growing collection very soon!!

We want to make sure that increasing our quantity of products doesn’t have any affect on the quality of what we’re offering you – we always want you to be getting the best.

That’s why we’ve set up our very own Mum Panel, a selection of real TMR Mamas of all shapes and sizes that will be testing out and reviewing our new products before they hit the shop.

So say goodbye to exercise vests that expose the dreaded Mum Tum, or leggings that fall down as soon as you start to walk. These Mamas know what you want and will help us curate a unique, mum-friendly collection of products for our shop, as well as providing you with honest reviews that will help you choose the right goodies for you when you shop with us.

And because we want our products to be right for you, we won’t sell anything that hasn’t been officially Mum Approved.

So say hello to the panel members…

Jane Galloway, TMR London:

Jane is convinced she is rocking her 40s, even though her boys, Max (6) and Will (5) try to scupper it! She runs to cling on to her headspace, likes to pretend she can sew clothes and would rather be by the sea. You may well find her leading a SW London run in her Angel Wings.

Claire Tiley, TMR Bristol:

I’m Claire Tiley, 42, live in Bristol and I’m married with two daughters. I’m a Company Director, have too many handbags and a slightly unhealthy obsession with Gary Barlow.

I started running in January 2016, am a Trundler and proud of it. I keep a blog. I love laughing, gin and tonic and dancing in my kitchen (ideally at the same time).

Catherine Cannel, TMR Bath:


My name is Catherine & I love running, music, and CAKE! I’ve got 3 children & a husband who also runs. I’m a part time Physio, and I’m a Run Angel in Peasedown St John. I started running aged 33 (7 years ago) when my youngest was 1…..what I love most about running is the feeling of FREEDOM……I am me, strong, sometimes emotional but more often grinning inanely as I reminisce while listening to 90’s dance music !


Keep your eyes peeled for more from these Mamas over the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Meet Our Mum Panel

  1. Nic Rice

    Have you any running leggings for tall mums? Im 6ft and inside leg of 36 inches…I need long leggings for the winter. I also suffer from reynaurds, do you sell running mittens?


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