From running with TMR to running my own business

As we continue our 4th birthday celebrations this month, we are taking a moment to reflect on the things that are most important to us a community driven organisation.

Right at the top of the list is our mission to empower other women to be healthier and happier. This goes way beyond going out for a run every week. And is as much about empowering women to lead their best and happiest lives, as well as making exercise a regular part of it.

Introducing Corinne. A Mum of two, TMR runner, and founder of online organic beauty retailer, Rare Beauty. We caught up with her last week to find out how she’s juggling life as a Mum and entrepreneur, and how running with TMR has helped her on this journey.


Tell us about your business, it sounds brilliant!

I launched the Rare Beauty online store ( six months ago to showcase natural & organic skincare brands founded by female entrepreneurs. For about six years I had been making my own natural skincare as a hobby. During research I discovered many beautiful, ethical brands created by women skincare experts. I felt compelled to create a women-led natural skincare platform for these brands. Rare Beauty now showcases twelve brands and over 70 products ranging from face creams to body washes with lots more to launch next year.


I had a very varied career in partnership building, marketing and sales roles. My last employed role was with Common Purpose, a global leadership charity as a Regional Sales Director. There were aspects of the role that I very much enjoyed but I have always struggled to ‘settle’ in jobs. A few years ago I set up a consultancy business with a friend and I really enjoyed the process but the solitary consultancy work was not for me. When I hit upon what I felt was a viable idea that could grow into a business I could not let the opportunity pass me by. So here I am, at the start of my entrepreneur journey as an online retailer!


 When I discovered natural, plant-based skincare about six years ago I also trained in herbal medicine practices. There is so much intuitive, powerful female knowledge that has been lost with the takeover of Western medicine. As a result, I try to respect my mind-body connection and take a more holistic approach to wellbeing whenever I can. I really believe in the power of self-care, whether that be a weekly beauty treatment, a regular yoga practice or a run, to help us re-set our bodies and restore our minds.

What gave you the courage to make such huge changes to your career and your life?

Some serendipity and some craziness! I think I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, if there is such a thing, and the stars aligned at just the right time to allow me to set up Rare Beauty during maternity leave for my second baby. A hugely supportive family and network of friends is essential. Rare Beauty is like my third child: it is a 24/7 calling. So it is really important that as a family unit we are all in it together. My eldest daughter loves helping me ‘in my shop’ and I feel very proud that she is seeing me doing meaningful work that I love. It also means I can juggle my hours around school/childcare which I find very empowering as a mother.

How did you get involved with This Mum Runs?

I think it was through Facebook, quite a long time ago and I remember saying to my husband ‘Wow, this Mel Bound has a fabulous business idea, this is going to go global!’ However, it was a year or so later after my second child that I found that I was in actually badly in need of TMR myself. Having been a runner for ten years before I had children, I totally lost my mojo after the birth of my first child and never really got back into running again. I experienced a brief period of post-natal depression after the birth of my second child which compelled me to look into TMR again and sign up to their Run 60 course in January this year.

corinne running

Has being part of This Mum Runs helped you with your start up journey?

I can honestly, hand on heart say that without TMR I would not be celebrating six months in business right now! I started the Run 60 course in dark and cold January with a huge task ahead of me to launch Rare Beauty. I got my resilience back, my fitness returned and I discovered that I actually love running with other women (I was always a solitary runner before TMR). The TMR course got me into a mindset that meant I was able to set myself goals for my running and my business launch with confidence.

I launched Rare Beauty and ran the Bristol 10k in the same week in May. It was emotional!

Six months on, I still run three times a week and join the free Social Runs every Wednesday. It is a very important part of my work/life balance. The TMR community is so incredibly supportive and accepting, I love everything about it and I feel very proud to be a part of such a fabulous women-led community. Thank you TMR and Mel for being such an inspirational mumpreneur to us all!

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