Flexible work with This Mum Runs means more time to build my own business

In a month where we are celebrating This Mum Runs and all the many ways we have empowered women to lead bigger, bolder, healthier, happier lives, we wanted to take the opportunity to shine a light a bit closer to home too.

The This Mum Runs HQ team is made up of a team of kick ass women who wanted more from their lives. To give something back, yes. But also more for themselves – more balance, the opportunity to work on something meaningful, the flexibility to follow the multitude of paths that lead to their dreams.

I am proud to be building a business that makes this possible – for myself and for others.

So in a week that sees the world celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, it felt appropriate to tell the stories of women in my team who are building blended careers, including their own businesses alongside their role with us, with the support of This Mum Runs.

Next up, Jo Sacher – TMR Customer Champion

Tell us a bit about you Jo

I am Jo, Mum of two, trained silversmith, snow sports enthusiast and lover of running.

Jo Sach and kids pic

How did you find TMR?

I came across TMR on facebook around 4 years ago and was one of the first Mums to join the social runs on a Sunday morning! Back then the community wasn’t nearly as big and I remember celebrating with other TMR peeps when Mel hit 1,000 members of the Facebook group – which seemed massive at the time!

Jo Sach running

What did you do before working for TMR?

I worked as an Office Manager  and Residential Property Manager whilst running my own jewellery design business. My weeks were pretty full on and I spent most of my time feeling stressed and worrying how I was going to fit everything in.

How did you come to work for TMR?

I was looking for that elusive part time role – that would fit around school hours but also allow me more time and freedom to build my own business. When I saw the Customer Champion role I literally jumped at the chance and couldn’t believe it when I was offered the role. It combines all my skills and experience, but in just 10 hours a week which leaves me time to create my jewellery too.

Jo Sach jewellery making

What does TMR give you – and your family -that no other job has?

The flexibility of working with This Mum Runs allows me to be there for my two little ones, at school drop offs and pick ups, helping out with school trips and just generally spending more time with them without feeling guilty about missing work and deadlines.

I get to be part of a brilliant team of working Mums and feel supported by TMR  to focus on building my own business during the week now too so my weekends and evenings aren’t completely taken up with work. The whole family is happier!


I also absolutely love running (friends say I am addicted!) so to to find a job working with This Mum Runs almost seems too good to be true, I have to pinch myself sometimes.

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