This Mum Runs changed my life…and now I want to pay it forward!

Until 2016, I had never done any running in my life. That all changed when I completed a Run 30 course with TMR – little did I know that course would be the beginning of a new love affair with running.

lucy D

I had never run and never thought that it was something that I could do, let alone ever want to do! On a whim I signed up to the TMR Run 30 course after seeing it advertised on a local Facebook group, I still to this day have no idea what made me do it. I thought I would do the 8 week course, hate it but a least I would have done some exercise.

I had always viewed people who ran to be crazy, why on earth would you want to run for hours on end. I even felt this way when I started Run 30 and people would ask me did I want to run a 10k and I would respond ‘no, why would I want to run for an hour, I can’t think of anything worse’.

TMR changed everything.

Unlike other times when I had tried to get fit by joining a gym I stuck to it this time and that was all down the camaraderie of the group, helping each other through and meeting for homework runs. It was such a different exercise experience. Being part of a group of likeminded women, juggling to fit some time into their lives for themselves and their health, challenging themselves to achieve what felt like the impossible – running for 30 minutes. The feeling each week when we managed to run further plus the support we got from our Run Maker and we gave each other was amazing.

And then I was hooked! I started going on social runs every week and it was an easy decision to give back and become a Run Angel. It’s rewarding to be able to support other runners starting on their journey and encourage them to feel that they can do it.

kucy d

The key to TMR is that it doesn’t matter what shape, size, age or speed you are, everyone is welcomed. I love leading a run when you have a new runner join, they are often nervous at the start but buzzing by the end of the run.

Running with TMR has changed me in many ways, I’m so much fitter and physically healthier now having lost over 2 stone and able to run around with my kids much more. My children have taken up running, it’s great to lead by example and we have great fun taking part in Parkrun.

lucy d kids

My mental health is also much better, running helps so much with dealing with stress and running in a group, chatting is the best therapy ever. What I had not expected as a side effect of all of this is how much more confident I feel. I am so much more willing to give things a go and push myself as I have discovered that I can do things that I never thought possible.

Less than 2 years after starting the Run 30 course I did something that I never dreamt I would do, I ran a marathon! It still feels slightly surreal that I did it, I put the hours and the miles in training and steadily building up and ran a whole 26.2 miles in Paris in one go.

lucy paris

I would never have done any of this without TMR and I love the support I see between women in this community every single week.

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