London’s Calling

This Mum Runs launched in London in late 2017 and since then has built a team of 30 Run Angels offering free social runs from 11 locations across the capital (London locations)

This is just the start though and we have BIG plans for 2019, which we will share with you in the coming weeks. 

Hiring Run Angel Emma Devasker as our first ever paid Community Leader was the such an exciting milestone for us and she will be spearheading our city wide expansion plans . 

here’s a chance to get to know Emma – how running  with TMR saved her from anxiety and gave her the confidence to try open water swimming and about her plans to bring free runs and coaching to women across London. 

Meet Emma

emma at work

I’m a mum of two who, like I think many of us in TMR, was not at all active prior to having kids. If anyone had suggested to me pre-kids that I would move to London with an 11 month old, start running, lead groups of women on runs around the city – as well as swim in cold lakes and take up a completely new team sport – I really would have thought they were absolutely crazy!

I started running shortly after emigrating here, using one of the Couch to 5km plans, to help with my post-natal depression and also just for a way to have some ‘me’ time. I remember every one of those runs on the plan seemed impossible but then once each of them was completed it was such a great feeling to know that your body is capable of so much more than you think – I was hooked!

How did you get involved with TMR

I got involved with This Mum Runs after seeing Mel on the cover of a women’s running magazine and contacting her to see when TMR would come to London. I had been running for a while by then and was training for my first ever half – but had only been running solo as I was too scared to join any of the local running groups. I certainly didn’t consider myself to a proper runner.

The TMR community that was in Bristol just sounded so awesome and luckily for me it was decided to set up a group in my local area. Having TMR locally meant so much more than just running. It very quickly become a real community, a support network and a bunch of awesome women who I now call friends.

london group

How does it feel to be working for TMR now?

My youngest just started in Reception this year and as I had been a stay at home Mum since coming to England I started to think about what I could do now. Prior to kids I worked in fashion production but as with many other industries it is not one which offers much flexibility and part-time roles are virtually non-existent. So just when I was pondering all this the TMR role popped up and I very quickly applied. It is so amazing and almost unbelievable to have found not just a flexible role but one that I am passionate about and doesn’t even feel like work.

How has working for and being involved with TMR changed your life?

Being involved with TMR both socially, and now as an employee, has been such a huge confidence boost. Without wanting to sound cliché it really has made me healthier and happier.

I still sometimes struggle with anxiety but having TMR there means even on days when I struggle to get out for a solo run I know I can get out for some headspace with the group run or with a running buddy.  Even when I got injured and couldn’t run last year – the TMR community were still there supporting, and even more than that some of them joined me on my open-water swim challenge that I took on.

serpentine swim

So thanks to This Mum Runs I am now a runner and a swimmer and just a better person and a better Mum.

emma and kids

What are your plans in London for the next year?

I have exciting plans to grow the community, the number of runs and other TMR programmes in London. I hope to see the This Mum Runs London community double in size and help start our free weekly runs in even more locations around the capital.

I will be supporting our existing Run Angels who so generously volunteer their time and will be working closely with them to keep up the great momentum they have all built up in their own areas.

I am very excited to find more great fun running events in which London TMR can take part as a big group (and celebrate together afterwards!) and I cannot wait to launch the hugely successful Run30 and Run60 courses here in London, which will be so great for both total beginners and runners hoping to improve!

Ultimately though my aim is to help build an amazing community of women who support each other and make more time for themselves through running.


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