I joined TMR and fulfilled my dreams

I have been running with This Mum Runs in Wandsworth for a year and it is the best thing I’ve ever done!

I had always wanted to start running but was deterred by a lack of courage – that I would be slow, that I was not fit enough and worst of all, that I wouldn’t be able to finish. But one summer day last year, four months after I have moved to London, I decided to gather the courage and give it a go.

The first run was hard, and as expected, I could barely finish the 30 minutes. Michele, Emma and Man-yee were my Run Angels and would always run at my pace so that I was not left out, and thanks to the fantastic looping, I usually finished around the same time as the others.

I still remember the smile on Michele’s face when I finished the first run, and the three simple words ‘YOU DID IT!’ – the the most powerful thing I had heard for a while.


Since then, I would always try my very best to make the Sunday run (and of course, the bRUNches and TMR social as well!).

Gradually I have seen myself getting fitter, the runs became easier and I could start chatting during the run. We chat about everything, from running to kids, from holidays plans to festive dinner recipes.

Taking part in the London British 10K – and the medal at the end – was the best gift to celebrate my first anniversary in the country, and it would never have happened if I had not joined the This Mum Runs community!


Mine has been such a journey of personal empowerment – because now I know my dreams are achievable. This Mum Runs is a place where there is no judgment, no pressure, just love and support – and I will be forever thankful for the difference it has made to my life.

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