Inspiring others motivates me to volunteer with TMR – and make more time for me!

This Mum Runs has grown to be the incredible community that it is, because of the wonderful women who make up the community. The engine behind the entire TMR machine making our free run programmes possible, is made up of nearly 500 amazing Run Angel volunteers – who are motivated by making a difference to other women’s lives.

Meet Emma. 

Emma trained as a Run Angel in East London in late 2017 and since then has led runs with a huge smile on her face, week in, week out from her local park in Walthamstow – creating a wonderful close knit community of Mums determined to carve out some space for themselves through running. Emma is a Mum of 3 AND a part time teacher – volunteering with TMR is one of the few ways she makes time for herself, whilst also giving something back to her local community.


Tell us bit about you and how you got involved with TMR?

I’m a Mum of 3 who loves to run. There aren’t many things that I am able to consistently fit around family and work commitments but running is definitely one I make time for! I responded to an ad from TMR to express my interest in starting up a run in my local area as it felt like a new challenge that would keep running interesting for me and would give something back to my community.

What do you love about running with TMR?

I LOVE the camaraderie that comes with being a TMR runner – there are some things that only other mums really understand. It is incredibly cathartic to get out for a run and have a good chat at the same time. The women I run with range from new mums to mums sending kids off to university to grandmothers and everything in between. It is so valuable to be able to listen to and share our varied experiences with one another.


How has TMR helped or changed your life?

TMR has inspired me to push my own boundaries. After completing my first half marathon a few years ago, I knew I didn’t want to go back into training hard for a race and I definitely didn’t want to take on the challenge of a full marathon. Ever.  After a year as a TMR Run Angel, watching all sorts of women push themselves out of their comfort zones (by coming out on their first run, by running their first race or by making a commitment to themselves to run regularly), I was inspired to reflect on my own running journey and to push myself further.

So, if all goes to plan, I’ll be running the Manchester Marathon in April 2019. And yes, I’m terrified but also excited about this new challenge.


What do you love most about being a TMR Run Angel?

That’s easy… inspiring the women I run with to believe they can do it!

This Mum Runs is a people-powered community-first organisation that empowers Mums everywhere to be healthier and happier. Through a network of volunteer Run Angels they offer free, social runs every Wednesday and Sunday across London, Bristol and Bath – with Cardiff and Brighton launching soon (and more to follow throughout 2019). To keep up to date with their plans – and for plenty of inspiration too – sign up for their weekly newsletter here

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