Running, Mental Health & Me: Vicki’s Story

As part of our series on Maternal Mental Health Awareness, we’re sharing five incredible stories from Mums in our community, who have battled with perinatal mental health issues. Each of these amazing ladies has bravely agreed to make their story known, in the hope that it might encourage someone suffering the same symptoms to speak up, seek help, or even just get the headspace that they need to process how they feel and what’s going on.

Vicki Merrin has run with our Pill mums since 2017. She opens up about the effect that an unplanned third pregnancy, emergency c-section and making the transition to being a stay-at-home mum had on her mental health.

After an unplanned pregnancy and c-section with my 3rd daughter, I felt desperate when I brought her home. We were in the middle of renovating our home, and this, coupled with a business expansion during my pregnancy, meant that I was already struggling more this time around. The shock of an unplanned c section, illness and not going back to work left me feeling out of control and unable to cope.

This affected my relationship with my husband and children and I felt distant and separated from those I loved.

I eventually contacted my GP about how low I was feeling about 6 months post delivery, and was referred to counselling – I refused medication – with a diagnosis of anxiety and mild postnatal depression. The counselling certainly normalised things for me and helped with how ashamed I felt.

Joining This Mum Runs in November 2017, 7 months post birth, was life changing for me. Having something just for me, the endorphins that exercise gives you and just the camaraderie that TMR offers you made such a huge difference to my mental health. I don’t think the girls even realised what they did for me but I didn’t need them to.

I think there’s still a huge stigma about feeling ‘down’ after having a baby, as I certainly felt it. However, I feel that was more through pressure I put on myself than how I was treated by medical professionals. The GP and counselling I was referred to were all understanding and caring. I think TMR needs to be referred to by the NHS!

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