September brings change…

Where have the summer holidays gone? For many of us the start of September brings massive change and for some of us that’s about our children starting school, a house move or a new job. For Elise, one of our amazing Military Mums Run Angels, this year has seen all three of those happen! Elise offers some sound advice for this time of year…

My name is Elise Jones I’m 35 years old. I found TMR through face book and joined the TMR Military Mums group when it launched in Tidworth earlier this year. I’m also a run angel! I’m mum to two boys aged 1 and 4 and I live with my husband in Wiltshire.

image1Summer holidays this year have been a little hectic but also wonderful! We’ve spent the last three weeks back home in Kent. We’ve been spending as much time as possible with family and also getting our home ready to rent out on our return to Wiltshire where we live in our military quarter. My eldest and my husband both have their birthdays in August so we celebrated those and have had some brilliant family days out, we particularly love the beach!


I am dreading September! My eldest son has just turned four and will be starting primary school. Cue tears! Not only that but my youngest will be starting nursery on the same day. Cue even more tears! It’s also about time I return to work. My previous job was in Kent before we moved to Wiltshire so I will be polishing the CV and job hunting again!

I’m feeling really anxious about everything and have already had a few tears about my babies growing up far too fast, time slipping by too soon and whether or not I still have any employability after two years out of the game. I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do and the thought of an interview sends me into a slight panic. It feels like the end of an era, one I’m not entirely ready to face but then again I’m not sure anyone ever really is.


Running for me is my number one cure for anxiety! It’s so cathartic. It always helps clear my head and see things in a more positive light something that I have been trying to do more of this year. Exercise not only keeps me sane but gives me a different focus and let’s me set personal goals I can work towards. As well as TMR I belong to my local athletics and running club and I also recently discovered a love for CrossFit but being a TMR run angel has been really rewarding. I love being able to help other mums like me who might have the same anxieties, feel just that little bit better, even if just for a little while. Time for ourselves away from being mum is so important. Self care is key! That and coffee with a good friend which is what I will be doing on that first day of school!

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