Family friendly working – what it means to me

Hi, I’m Nicola the Customer Happiness Champion at This Mum Runs. I live in Bristol with my husband and our son who is 9 which is way too grown up for my liking but at the same time just the best age (but don’t we say that about every age??). When we have spare time between school, work, chores and ferrying our son from one sporting activity to the next we make sure we try to burn off as much 9 year old energy as possible whether it be a trip to the local park or getting out and about on our bikes.
Before I worked for This Mum Runs I worked for Yeo Valley who have, hands down, the best staff canteen ever! My time there enabled me to train as a Social media manager with Digital Mums with the aim being to take the leap to set up my own social media training business. That plan was very quickly scuppered by crippling anxiety and self doubt brought on by early peri-menopause just as I finished the course. I had no idea what was happening until, after a little research, a lot of tears and blood tests, I realised that my hormones, or lack of, were to blame for pretty much everything that was going on in my head. It took me a long time to get my anxiety under control but bit by bit I started to reclaim my life and luckily the role at This Mum Runs was advertised at a time when I felt able to start taking control of my life again. Having very firmly parked the idea of setting up my own business I realised I wanted a role that was going to stretch and challenge me in an organisation that I would be hugely proud to work for so I took the leap and applied. I first met Mel, our founder, in the sleep deprived days of newborns back in 2010 and I’d followed the success of TMR since it’s beginnings so I knew that it was always going to be somewhere I’d enjoy working.
2019-05-24 170453-336333
As Customer Happiness Champion I manage the This Mum Runs online shop which involves making sure we have stock in place to send out to our lovely customers, packing up our orders with love and sending them out around the world. I can also be found answering all of the customer queries we receive in to our inboxes. I also work closely with our fab Head of People, Jo, to make sure that every element of a customers journey with us is as amazing as possible.
There are lots of best bits about my job. Seeing our customers and community members posting photos of themselves online in their kit. Hearing their amazingly inspiring stories of how running improves their lives. Getting lush feedback from customers about how good our service is. Working flexibly to allow me to spend time with my son and last but not least working for an organisation where everyone involved is genuinely working towards the same goal of empowering women.
2019-05-06 140826-6435510 (2)
Working part time means everything to me! I know it is a huge privilege to be able to work reduced hours so I make sure I remind myself of that when I have had wobbles in the past about not having the ‘highflying career’ that I always believed I would have in my 40’s. Having worked full time whilst my son was a toddler I applaud any parent that does that and does it well, I was useless at it and constantly felt torn in so many different directions. Now, I’m able to do a job I enjoy and challenges me, spend time with my family and, be proud of what I can give to both my family and This Mum Runs.

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