Hot Yoga and Running – The Verdict

By Janie Ankers

Yessssss!  Was my reaction when I discovered that I had won an unlimited month’s pass to Bristol’s new hot yoga studio ‘Yogafurie’ based on Ashley Down Road in North Bristol.  At this point I hadn’t stepped foot in a yoga studio for coming close to 4 years, and prior to that my yoga style could at best be described as average…think of an elephant, giggling, trying to balance on a stick, and that just about sums up what I remember of it.


HOWEVER… since then a lot has changed for me.  For a start I have produced 2 children, and this of course means I am now 100% more invincible in terms of endurance and everything really.  Alongside that (and as a result of said kids) I’ve got really into running; I’m a TMR run angel, and a run maker, and I am unashamedly completely hooked!  So I’m much, much fitter than I was when I last tried yoga.  Surely now I‘m in such a different place physically and mentally, yoga will be a breeze, right?

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Introducing supermum Nicola Welham and her suprising rise to Team GB

Meet Nicola Welham. She’s a 34-year-old single mum to her three-year- old son,
Edward, and part-time specialist teacher for children with physical or learning difficulties.Bike photoIn October last year, Nicola “spontaneously entered” her first, local duathlon (consisting of a 5K run, followed by a 20K bike ride, followed by a 5K run) after a friend encouraged her to buy a road bike and take up cycling. Soon after, a trainer spotted Nicola’s potential at her local gym, persuaded her to undertake an intense training programme over the winter and Nicola’s sporting career began to snowball. Read More


The morning is English grey and drizzle. In twos and threes, Lycra-clad women and sinewy short-short-wearing men arrive purposely under the tree.

It’s New Year’s Day at Ashton Court and this combination of the young and old, the blurry-eyed and caffeine-fuelled are about to run that iconic Park Run 5k.

I’ve stood in almost this exact position many times. Same bone chilling drizzle, same kids (mine) snapping round my legs. Except the last time I was here I said I would definitely never ever, in a million years do the Park Run. ‘I’m just not built that way’, I said, ‘I’m not meant to run’, I said.

But one of those caffeine-fuelled women is me. Keenly scrubbed and hangover free in the middle of damp field on the first day of the year.  I set myself a goal of running the first park run of the year back in October when I completed something I never thought I would do – the This Mum Run’s Run30 programme.

You see, I’ve never run. Like, ever. Not cross country at school, not on the treadmill in the gym and certainly not ever for fun. It was something tall, fit people did. People who had their act together. People who ate quinoa. People like The Alpha Husband and His Alpha Mates, who churn out 10ks the same way they drink coffee. People who plan training camps as fun holidays for all the family (also my husband).

So I’ve spent a lot of time cheering from the sidelines. I’m a really good cheerer. Captain of the Support Team. Dashing off between checkpoints to be at all the key cheering stations at the exact right time. Laughing in peoples faces when they ask if I will ever do this.

So, you might ask, how on earth did I end up totally eating my words? Well, I blame Miranda. You might not know Miranda, but you’ll know a version of her. A lovely friend, just like you, who you bump into one day looking all bouncy and fit. ‘I did the This Mum Run’s Run30 course’, she’ll say, ‘and now I can run.’ ‘yeah, but you could run before, you’ll say, ‘I mean, look how bouncy and fit you are’. But it turns out not. No, she totally learnt to run on this course. From nothing. From a minute to 30 in 8 weeks.

It really was that one moment. Okay, so I’d been feeling increasingly down about my wrecked post-baby body and there’d been some light nagging from Alpha Husband, but I hadn’t really expected to throw myself into the course quite so fully. I hadn’t, but I did. Even though long and inflexible hours from the other half of the team (yes, I’m looking at you, Alpha Husband) meant that I did all of the homework runs on my own, often in the rain. The 30 minutes crept up on me, like all the best characters in a horror movie and seriously, I couldn’t quite believe I was running. Correction. A runner. And a really competitive one at that (hello, Strava!). Alpha  Husband was so proud that I’d come over to his way of thinking that he bought me a very expensive and impressive running watch for Christmas. It was a silver lining I hadn’t even expected.

So, having come this far and with that newly discovered competitiveness, I didn’t want Christmas to ruin all my hard work. Fresh from my win at The Birdies, I immediately signed up to the Run60 course. It promised to make me faster, stronger and, most importantly, make me a runner for life. Who can say no to that…?


Kelly Pike, TMR Bristol Mama


The TMR Year that Was 2016

Erm excuse me. Where the hell has 2016 gone? I’m sure it was only yesterday that we were saying goodbye to 2015, I blinked and now we’re sitting here in a Brie and Prosecco induced coma on the brink of 2017!!

Part of that is the groundhog day like nature of routines and school with young children.

And I’m sure that part of this feeling is just the sheer strangeness of 2016. Brexit! Trump!! The loss of so many familiar faces too – including my childhood hero and first ever female role model, the kick ass, bad ass, warrior princess Carrie Fisher and my (as it turns out misplaced) teenage crush George Michael

But it would not be an understatement to say that the super sonic pace that things have happened for This Mum Runs in 2016 have some part to play in this too. I am prone to exaggerate, but it’s no exaggeration to say that it has been the most life changing of my *ahem* humble 43 year long life.  I can also say hand on heart that it is the year that I am most proud of in my entire working life.

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TMR Yearbook: Class of 2016 – Tina Curtis

My name is Tina and I have just completed the This Mum Runs 5K+ course in Keynsham.

Tina, TMR Mum

I am 55 and trying to lose weight and get fitter. I have 2 grown up children and one who’s 15. I run my own Sign Company in Saltford, making signs, lettering vehicles, printing T shirts and mugs etc.

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October Mum of the Month -Karen Davies.


The month of September has always been accompanied by change; in the weather, in the colour of the leaves, in the family routine as the children go back to school. And nowhere has this been more apparent than in TMR, where we saw a whole new brand fly onto the scene, new courses launch and our brand new online shop open for business. But as we enter October and relax into our new autumn routines, it’s a chance to take stock, and consider the changes that have taken place. With this in mind, there was one TMR member that stood out as the obvious choice as Mum of the Month for October, and that woman is Karen Davies.

Speaking on the phone, it’s clear that Karen’s views on attitude towards running complement the ideas behind TMR’s decision to re-brand last month. As a runner, her focus isn’t on putting pressure on herself to hit certain times or distances. She’s just happy to be outside, exploring parts of Bristol she’s never seen before in the 24 years she’s lived here. It’s refreshing to hear her say when asked about running goals that she wants to find new running routes around Bristol; it’s clear that she is running because she genuinely enjoys it. What matters to Karen is the chance to snatch some time for herself in the busy life she leads (and busy it is – it was a small victory to finally tie her down to a phone call!). In the hectic life of juggling motherhood with running Lets Make Art with fellow TMR Mama Alice Hendy, she says it’s nice to be able to “run away for an hour”.

A graduate from our couch to 5K course last spring, Karen admits that before the course she thought that the idea of running for 20 minutes was ridiculous. She reminisces about how she was late to her first homework run, and told the other mums that she would catch them up. Thinking they had done a full lap of Greville Smyth Park she attempted it herself, fighting off the urge to throw up and collapse into a breathless heap by the end. But she comments on how the course was cleverly structured so that it tricked you into being a runner without you even noticing it. She can now easily do several laps of the same park, and runs 5K two or three times a week with fellow couch to 5K graduate and running buddy Miranda Lovelock. She tells me they’re a great match in terms of pace and aren’t afraid to sometimes run side by side plugged in to some motivating (and, she readily admits, sometimes very cheesy) music.

And (you know we here at TMR love this stuff) Karen tells me she’s signed to do the Victoria Park run, intending to run the 2K with her 10 year old daughter. She says it’s great to see her children take an interest in her running, and thinks it will be good for her daughter to experience the sense of achievement that comes with completing your first race.

So, there we have it, our October MOTM. Karen is a perfect example of why TMR was set up, and why we made the decision to re-brand TMR last month; we want to help busy mums get up off the sofa, get active, meet new friends and grab some headspace. From all of us at Team TMR, thanks for keeping our vision alive!


If you want to find out more about what Lets Make Art is all about, why not bring the kids along to their Big Draw Doodle Day this October? More info and tickets can be found here:

TMR Yearbook: Class of 2016 – Charlie Pitts

-Each time I go out, I feel myself getting more confident that I can do this.- (2)

It’s week 3 of #MoreMumsRunning, and we know some of you might start getting cold feet around now. Whilst we here at TMR could talk about why you should stick at it till the cows come home, we thought you might like to hear it from a TMR Mama who’s been a victim of the week 3 fear, and smashed through it.

Just remember: if you’re a mum then you’re already a superhuman. A running course is nothing in comparison. So don’t give up…You. Can. Do. It!


When it comes to exercise, I am a 3-hit wonder. No matter what new fitness regime I try, the same pattern emerges:

Week 1 – I turn up terrified, but survive with a rush of endorphins when I realise it wasn’t as bad as I feared.

Week 2 – decide this is it – this is the thing that will get me fit.

Week 3 – realise it’s actually quite hard work, that I haven’t immediately lost 2 stone and that I don’t feel any fitter than when I started. And so I give up.

So it’s no surprise that the first two times I tried a couch to 5k, I gave up after the 3rd week. My first attempt was a “Beginner’s running course” on the Downs. The instructor decided on week one that we should all “just run as far as we all can, to see how we get on”. As the majority of the “beginners” shot off into the distance, I transformed back into the 16 year old girl I had once been, at the back of the weekly school cross-country run, being yelled at by an unforgiving PE teacher in a badly-fitting tracksuit. To be honest, it’s a miracle I made it to week 3.


My second effort was through TMR. I joined a lovely group of ladies, with two encouraging run makers on a chilly September evening. And as we got to the end of the first session, I felt the expected high; the “well, that wasn’t so bad”. I diligently did my homework runs and excitedly turned up for week 2. But the demons aren’t ever far away. For me, exercise is a burden, a chore. The thing I know I have to do, but the thing that I have struggled with more than anything else in my adult life. Since adolescence, exercise has been the last resort. I will use any excuse to get out of it. So, in October, excuses came up. I couldn’t do the homework runs. Then I stopped going to the weekly runs because I knew I was getting further behind. I told myself I’d catch up. I knew I was lying to myself.

So..attempt 3: 8 weeks of 8:30 Saturday morning sessions through TMR. My expectations of myself by this point were so low that I told my partner not to worry about being on the early parenting shift every Saturday, because I wouldn’t last the whole course. Except I did. A small group of like-minded, fabulously supportive mums, a fantastically encouraging run-maker in Vanessa MC and an exceptionally persistent Mel Bound who threatened to come to my house on week 4 and drag me to the park if I didn’t turn up voluntarily(!) proved to be the combination I needed to break my 3-week course. 3 weeks ago we finished the course. 1 week after that we met up at the same time again to hit the magic 5k.

So, where am I now? Completing the course is not the magic bullet for me. I jealously read the posts of people who see running as a delight, rather than a burden. But then, I’m dealing with a lifetime of insecurities around fitness. It is inevitable that I still have to talk myself into every single run. But each time I go out, I feel myself getting more confident that I can do this. It isn’t fast, it isn’t pretty, my legs ache, my lungs burn. And yet…occasionally…I get that moment…my stride, my breathing, the weather, the music I’m listening all comes together and I feel…well…like a runner. And therein lies the growing glimmer of hope, that I’m heading towards enjoying this. And that makes the perseverance, the breaking of the 3-week course, all worthwhile.


TMR Yearbook: Class of 2016 – Naomi Trentham

My name is Naomi and I have recently started the This Mum Runs Couch to 5K Absolute Beginners course at Royal Victoria Park, Bath.

Naomi, TMR Mum

I am married to James and have three children, Susannah (10), Judah (7) & Lois (4). I am a self-employed business administrator, working mainly for a church in Bath and looking forward to taking on new clients when my youngest starts school this year. My favourite day of the week is Thursday, mainly because I meet with friends for a full English, knowing I can burn it off with TMR in the evening!

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TMR Yearbook: Class of 2016 – Laura Wu

My name is Laura, and I recently completed the This Mum Runs Couch to 5K Absolute Beginners course on Clifton Down.

-I never knew that running can be fun-

I’m a stay-at-home mum to my daughter aged 3.5 and my son aged 1.5. My running experience before TMR consisted of training for and then running a half marathon when my daughter was 13 months old. The day of the race was the last day I ran until this March, almost 2.5 years later! Let’s just say that I endured rather than enjoyed that time of my running career! When I started the C25K course this March, I could probably run no more than 5 minutes without stopping.

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TMR Yearbook: Class of 2016: Harriet Hartley

My Name is Harriet and I have just completed the This Mum Runs Couch to 5K course at Clifton Down.

Harriet Hartley, TMR Mum (1)

I have 2 children, 1 2.9 months and 1, 7 month old. I am used to being fit but this has waned and I was struggling to get back to pre-pregnancy size and shape due to a slight like for chocolate. Otherwise my diet is pretty healthy. I’m a Social Worker but currently on maternity leave and dreaming of not having to go back, but sadly think that is not going to become a reality.

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